I was looking at Pinterest the other day and saw a Pin about thumbnail drawings and realized I totally forgot about doing them. Thumbnails are basically just small, quick drawings to test out different compositions. In my previous post I mentioned that I let myself get locked into a problematic composition. Well If I had […]

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Quick Color Study

Since I had some trouble with color in the painting I did last week, I wanted to do a quick analysis of the way color is used in some other seascape paintings. Essentially I just wanted to take color samples from various parts of each painting and remove them from their context to help understand […]

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Starting Out

So this is my first painting I’m going to talk about on this blog, I painted it earlier this week. It could be developed a lot further, but I decided I’m going to leave it where it is and move on. I think its an okay first try but compositionally there are issues that I […]

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Explorations in Painting

Welcome to my new blog. In this first post I’ll try to explain the purpose of this blog. Now, I’m a painter not a writer so these posts may not be the best written for a while until I get used to this, but the posts will be mostly pictures anyway. Its been a while […]

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