Motion of the Ocean, Part 2

Since I talked about most of what I wanted to talk about in the post just before this one, I’m mostly just going to show the paintings here and talk briefly about the waves movement in each. Where we left off last time, the wave was just beginning to swell up. Here it continues to […]

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Motion of the Ocean, Part 1

I meant to get this posted over the weekend but anyway that didn’t happen. This week (really last week) I wanted to try to tackle, or at least begin to chip away at one of the challenges of learning to draw waves: that they move. My thinking is that I need to familiarize myself with […]

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Color Thumbnails

This post isn’t going to be very long. This is a continuation of the thumbnails post. I took one of the thumbnail sketches and did a couple different color variations, referencing the earlier post on color. This might be a typical workflow: black and white thumbnail sketches, then taking one of those choices and making […]

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Thumbnails Continued

This post was going to be part of the previous post, but since it got kind of long I decided to separate it into 2 posts. I’m going to talk about 2 of the thumbnail sketches I did for the previous post and show some of the process, and also talk about how I work […]

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I was looking at Pinterest the other day and saw a Pin about thumbnail drawings and realized I totally forgot about doing them. Thumbnails are basically just small, quick drawings to test out different compositions. In my previous post I mentioned that I let myself get locked into a problematic composition. Well If I had […]

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