Seaside Cave

This is a new painting I started working on earlier this week. Its 16″x20″. I’ve been doing some paintings focused on water recently, but I think I enjoy painting the rocks more so I wanted to do something focused on rock formations. I’ll just go quickly through the process of the painting so far. I […]

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Finished Painting, Rising Tide

This is a small, 12″x12″ painting I have been working on sort of in between working on my slightly larger paintings for the last week or 2. Unfortunately I forgot to take in progress photos during most sessions working on it, and only have 1 in progress picture. As with all my posts of finished […]

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Finished Painting

Finished this painting today. You can click the images in this post to view them closer. Didn’t do too much more to it compared to the last post I showed it in. I added a glaze over the water areas and touched up the foam in the shadow part of the water, in the midground. […]

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Archway in the Sea, Part 1

Heres another painting, I started on Monday. This one is also based on a photo I took a Crystal Cove, and also on a 16″x20″ canvas. As before, the painting was started on a canvas toned with a mix of burnt umber and ultramarine, applied with a rag. This canvas wasn’t toned quite as darkly, […]

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Moving into Oils

So I haven’t been posting so much lately because I’ve starting painting with oil paints again recently. Today I’m just going to show 2 paintings I started yesterday. These paintings are based off some photos I took over the weekend at Crystal Cove State Park, California. Both are on 16″x20″ canvas. I thought I’d start […]

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