Finished Painting

Finished this painting today. You can click the images in this post to view them closer.

Didn’t do too much more to it compared to the last post I showed it in. I added a glaze over the water areas and touched up the foam in the shadow part of the water, in the midground. I also added more brush strokes to the water in the background.

For the rocks in the lower right corner I glazed a yellow ochre-ish color over the rocks, and once that dried, added some extra impasto and scumbling on top.

One thing that was strange was that the glazes didn’t sit on the canvas like they should, the paint sort of pooled into some spots and the canvas resisted taking the glaze in other spots. I’ve never seen something like this before but the same thing happened in the very early stages of painting and I just assumed there was for some reason something on the canvas making it resist the oil, but I figured it wouldn’t be a problem at this stage since the entire canvas was now covered in paint.

Anyway, here are some detail shots:

You can see on the blue part of the water here how the glaze pooled together instead of acting as a normal glaze. This creates the effect of the darker blue dots throughout the water.

The rocks are made from layers of scumbles, thick paint, and glazes. Parts of all the layers can be seen through the paint.

The broken glaze actually helped in the background water, as it creates an effect of tiny waves, as well as the broken scumbled line on the horizon.

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